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1,000 Watt Pulsed Power Amplifiers

Expanded line of GaN based power amplifiers is targeted for TWT replacement

1,000 Watt Pulsed Power Amplifiers

API Technologies has expanded its line of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power amplifiers to include designs that operate with output power levels up to 1,000 watts and frequencies to 18 GHz. These new pulsed, solid state power amplifiers are making their debut at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2014) in Tampa, Florida.

These new power amplifiers can serve as a cost-effective replacements for solutions to travelling wave tubes (TWT), as the amplifiers' long life, and reduced size and weight offer longer life and better efficiencies than their TWT counterparts.

API’s GaN based pulsed power amplifiers can be used in numerous military and high end commercial applications including radar, communication transmitters and jamming systems.

These unique power amplifiers are designed and manufactured in the United States and utilize in-house thin and thick film technologies, as well as Surface Mount Technologies (SMT). The power amplifies are offered in hermetically sealed packages using mixed SMT and chip-and-wire manufacturing processes.

For high frequency applications, waveguide components can be integrated into the floor of the package to reduce combining losses and further increase functionality such as embedded harmonic filtering. Other options of the GaN based power amplifiers include sleep mode, blanking, forward/reverse power detection, discrete power supply designs for wide DC input voltage ranges, as well as microprocessor-based control features for bias optimization, temperature compensation, fault monitoring, and customer interferences.

API’s feature-rich architecture combined with complementary design tools provide engineers a suite of customizable solutions to meet challenging requirements in performance, packaging, and lead times. Contact us today to enquire on our diverse power amplifier solutions!

  • 1kw Peak Output Power
  • Typical frequency range of 9.0 to 9.8 GHz
  • Efficiencies as high as 20%
  • Up to 100 µsec pulse width, 10% duty cycle
  • Targeted for TWT Amplifier Replacement
  • Military and Commercial Radar Applications

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