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Aeroflex - Cage Code 51863

API Technologies’ robust engineering heritage gives us the capability to maintain, re-engineer, upgrade, and repair products, solutions and systems not originally manufactured in-house. Cost effective repairs and upgrades allow depots and service departments a one stop shop for older obsolete systems from one of our heritage brands or other microwave manufacturers.

Click below for products supported by API by the following original manufacturers:

➜ Aeroflex - Cage Code 51863

Aeroflex - Cage Code 51863



Original Mfg Model

Original Customer

National Stock Number

API Model Number

Pulse Generator 0232-2 Astronautics Corp 5962-01-102-5874 AX1082-00
Self Test Bit 1 Hybrid Module 0425 IBM 5962-01-178-4360 AX1039-00
Servo Amplifier ARX 0209-1 Astronautics Corp 6110-01-227-2108 AX1103-00
Range Gate Filter ARX 1458 AIL 5962-01-196-5458 SM1019-00
Power Transistor Assembly, NPN F15E ARX 1520-1 Kaiser Electronics 5962-01-294-6597 AX1040-00
Power Transistor Assembly, PNP ARX 1520-2 Kaiser Electronics 5962-01-294-6596 AX1117-00
ASR Microcircuit ARX1620 5962-01-199-1021 AX1115-00
Receiver Assembly Windprofiler 435-18127 Unisys SM0017-00
449MHz Receiver Assembly Windprofiler 435-18127 Unisys SM1030-00
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