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Amplifier Integrated Microwave Assemblies

Expert integration of high performance amplifier products

Power Amplifier Subsystems

Power Amplifier Subsystems

Integrated Power Amplifier Assemblies

Incorporating multi-band amplifiers and high-reliability components

Filtered GPA Low Noise Amplifiers

Filtered GPS Low Noise Amplifiers

Low Noise, Wide Input Voltage Range

Leverages low-loss filter, amplifier and mechanical design expertise

Switchable Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Switchable Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Phase and Amplitude Matched

Ideal for demanding military frequency calibration systems


Integrated Microwave Assemblies

High Performance Amplifier Assemblies

Working closely with leading edge semiconductor suppliers and technologies, API Technologies is leading the power amplifier industry with increased power density and complexity while reducing the overall size of the amplifier. This translates to power amplifier solutions that are reliable, smaller, lighter, and more efficient.

  • Integrated LNA, Filtering, Switching Functions
  • Power Conversion
  • Digital Control
  • RF & Microwave Filtered Power Amplifiers
  • In-house Thin Film Fabrication
  • PIN Diode/FET/GaAs Switches

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Filtered GPS Low Noise Amplifiers

API’s pre-filtered GPS LNA modules are designed to amplify GPS signals while protecting the front end of the GPS receiver by filtering out interferers from an increasingly crowded EM spectrum. The module leverages core competencies in low-loss filter, amplifier and mechanical design that results in a module that maximizes out of band rejection while minimizing system noise figure and maintaining a small size. The pre-filtered GPS LNA is offered in a wide range of performance options including GPS band configuration, gain level, supply voltage, multiple outputs and input and output connectors.

  • Low Noise Figure
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Tested to many MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-461 Requirements
  • Small Lightweight Hermetic Package

Switchable Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Multi-Channel Amplifiers used in demanding military frequency calibration systems. These 2, 3, and 4 channel modules are all phase matched, amplitude matched and offer both single and multiple path logic. These units allow the engineer to either distribute an amplified signal to multiple ports, or measure the amplified output from up to 4 auxiliary ports.

  • Phase Matched
  • Amplitude Matched
  • Built in input over-drive protection
  • Wide-bandwidth: 2 to 8 GHz
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