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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics Company History

The RF2M (RF/Microwave & Microelectronics) Division of API Technologies

Most widely known for our Spectrum Microwave, CMT Filters, and C-MAC Aerospace/Cobham MAL lines of RF/microwave & microelectronic solutions and products, API Technologies has a long and successful heritage in the development and manufacture of components and subsystems for military, space, and commercial applications. Product offerings include: filters, filter subsystems, small signal amplifiers, high power amplifiers, switched filter banks, system-level-ready Active Antenna Array Units (AAAU) used in AESA Radars, filtered GPS LNAs, a wide variety of passive and active components, complex frequency sources, and hybrid microelectronics.

Our Family of Brands

API Technologies' RF/Microwave & Microelectronics Division

Combined heritages of Spectrum Microwave™, Commercial Microwave Technology (CMT), C-MAC Aerospace, and more, into one rich offering of RF/Microwave, MMW and Microelectronic solutions for commercial, defense and space applications.

Legacy Companies Actively Supported

RF/Microwave & Microelectronics (RF2M) currently supports products and technologies from:

Legacy Company

Cage Code

Spectrum Microwave60979
EMF Systems52747
Remec Components55027
Q-Bit Corporation55027
Magnum Microwave06EY5
Radian Technologies42665
CMT Filters
Sage Laboratories07180
FSY Microwave5Y936
Aeroflex / Inmet64671
Aeroflex / Weinschel5Y936

Legacy Company

Cage Code

Satcon Electronics34707
Sipex 33256
Micro Networks50507
Creative Electric 27685
Andersen Labs03947
Salsibury Engineering67021
Cobham MAL (Milton Keynes manufactured only)
RF2M Microelectronics Ltd.

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System Upgrades, Repairs, and Maintenance

API’s team of design engineers, across nine US and two UK facilities, combine expertise in electrical, mechanical and process technologies. Cost effective repairs and upgrades allow depots and service departments a one stop shop for older obsolete systems from our heritage brand or other microwave manufacturers.

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Collective Engineering Expertise

Through the unions of our diverse and multi-disciplined engineering teams, API Technologies has design and project-management expertise in a wide variety of component functionalities including filters, mixers, amplifiers, switches, frequency sources, SAW, thin film and microelectronics technologies. Our combined rf/microwave and microelectronics heritage is the foundation of our shared success.

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About API Technologies Corp.

API Technologies (NASDAQ: ATNY) is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high performance systems, subsystems, modules, and components for technically demanding RF, microwave, millimeter wave, electromagnetic, power, and security applications. A high-reliability technology pioneer with over 70 years of heritage, API Technologies products are used by global defense, industrial, and commercial customers in the areas of commercial aerospace, wireless communications, medical, oil and gas, electronic warfare, unmanned systems, C4ISR, missile defense, harsh environments, satellites, and space.

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