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Many customers come to API RF2M with a need for not only an integrated assembly, but also a desire to enhance the performance of the final product. RF2M engineers apply their abilities to design and develop a full line of Microelectronic products. Through consultation with the customer’s engineers, cost and performance benefits are often realized.

API RF2M expert engineers adhere to strict procedures while implementing each step of the development process. Our team also possesses unique capabilities that ensure your product will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

API RF2M, a world class leader in the Microelectronic Vertically Integrated Solutions industry, is your one stop, full service partner, engineering superior quality, high performance products that today’s customers demand and deserve.

Development Process

Development Process

Automated testing is performed over a wide temperature range to ensure your product will meet your specifications in many situations and environmental conditions. Components are designed to meet requirements of MIL-PRF-38534 and the screening requirements of MIL-STD-883.

We are also equipped to perform Groups A, B, C and D QCI qualification of our hybrid microelectronic devices providing you, the customer, with outstanding quality assurance. Our in-house precision machining capabilities capabilities feature a machine shop with more than 50 CNC machines currently in operation, run by highly qualified machinists.

Unique Capabilities

API Technologies is capable of building your product to meet your custom requirements through the implementation of unique processes such as:

  • Automated Wirebonding: our versatile team can also perform manual wirebonding.
  • Fluxless Soldering: removes oxides from the substrate and inhibits further oxidation.
  • Automated PCB Assembly: generates wider operating bandwidths, overlapping RF and IF frequency ranges, and high LO drive levels up to +23 dBm.
  • Automated Element Attach: focuses on the same high quality process control that our ISO 9001:2000 certification demands.
  • Glob Top Dispensing: protects wires and bonds from corrosive residues and contaminants.
  • Hermetic Sealing: allows for an extremely small heat affected zone, precision control, and high throughput and is a non-contact welding process.
  • Aqueous Cleaning: we use the Aquastorm cleaning system (by Speedline), a versatile process utilizing both JIC nozzles and Speedline’s Hurricanes Jet™ technologies.