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Copper Filled Vias Provide Higher Conductivity and Lower Cost | Product Announcement

Thin Film Technology for Commercial Packaging, Hybrid Manufacturers, and Microelectronics Providers

API Technologies, a leader in custom thin film technology and high performance microelectronic components, offers copper filled vias for thin film boards featuring high electrical conductivity, maximized thermal conductivity, and reliability all at a lower cost. Although API supports nearly all thin and thick film technology, copper filled vias are the preferred technology available for commercial packaging, hybrid manufacturers, and microelectronics providers in need of a high reliability and high conductivity substrate.

Copper vs. Gold Filled Vias
Copper technology offers increased thermal and electrical conductivity over gold.
  • The thermal conductivity of copper (Cu) is 385.0 W/m K
  • The thermal conductivity of gold (Au) is 314.0 W/m K
  • The electrical conductivity of copper (Cu) is 5.96×107 (σ (S/m) at 20 °C)
  • The electrical conductivity of gold (Au) is 4.10×107 (σ (S/m) at 20 °C)

Copper filled vias provide a cost efficient solution to rising costs as the price of gold has risen more than 300% over the last decade.

Filled Via vs. Plated Through Hole
Filled vias provide higher conductivity and better thermal conductivity for RF/Microwave than plated through holes, and are preferable for high power applications. Filled vias and plated through holes both provide electrical connections to the ground plane in thin film substrates (also on PWBs/PCBs and thick film). Also, provides interconnects for thin film substrates with patterns on both sides of the substrates.

Copper Filled Vias

  • Lower cost solution
  • Higher conductivity than solid gold filled vias
  • Diameters available from 0.005" to 0.012"
  • Available on alumina, alumina nitride and beryllium oxide substrates
  • Thermal conductivity cooling path
  • Electrical conductance to back layer of substrate
The API Technologies Advantage:
  • 40 years of thin film expertise via SatCon and Spectrum Microwave heritage brands
  • Thin film manufactured in-house
  • API can provide additional screening
  • Manufactured in a MIL-PRF-38534 Class H & K facility
  • API fires the copper filled vias in a nitrogen atmosphere to prevent oxidation in the via

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