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Marconi Circuit Technology - Cage Code 88379

API Technologies’ robust engineering heritage gives us the capability to maintain, re-engineer, upgrade, and repair products, solutions and systems not originally manufactured in-house. Cost effective repairs and upgrades allow depots and service departments a one stop shop for older obsolete systems from one of our heritage brands or other microwave manufacturers.

Click below for products supported by API by the following original manufacturers:

➜ Marconi Circuit Technology - Cage Code 88379

Marconi Circuit Technology - Cage Code 88379


Original Mfg Model

Original Customer

National Stock Number

API Model Number

High Voltage. High Current Driver CT0008 Boeing 5962-01-304-9019
Servo Amplifier CT143 AX1041-00
STSST003 CT171 AX1042-00
Microcircuit, Digital CT193 Lockheed Martin 5962-01-196-6097 AX1043-00
Hybrid Demodulator CT258 Bendix 5962-00-163-3211
Analog Switch CT290 Honeywell 5962-01-013-0935 AX1044-00
Balance Input Demodulator CT341 Honeywell AX1045-00
-10 VDC Regulator CT357 General Electric 5962-00-328-0556 AX1125-00
High Z Dip and Amp Unity Bias CT376 Honeywell 5962-01-018-3426 AX1046-00
Polarity Inverter CT389 AX1047-00
Ramp Follower CT390 AIL 5962-00-689-3584 AX1048-00
Dual Summing Amp CT391 Stewart-Warner 5962-01-016-0301 AX1049-00
Quad 2 input High Current Driver CT404 Rockwell Collins 5962-00-138-1528 AX1050-00
Microcircuit, Digital Driver CT406 AX1051-00
SPDT Analog Switch CT408 AX1052-00
Analog Switch Driver CT417 Sperry 5962-01-067-1135 AX1130-00
Microcircuit, Linear CT418 AX1053-00
Frequency Compensator CT425 Hartman Systems AX1054-00
Power Buffer Amplifier CT437 Litton 5962-00-335-5644 AX1055-00
Line Driver CT510 Raytheon AX1123-00
4 MHz Oscillator CT514 AX1056-00
MIC Dual Video Gate CT535 Northrop Grumman 5962-00-499-4394 AX1116-00
Positive Voltage Gate CT537 AX1057-00
Power Buffer Amplifier CT547A Honeywell 5962-00-271-1694 AX1058-00
Quad FET Switch CT548 Bendix 5962-01-243-8676
Analog Switch CT550-1 Bendix AX1059-01
Analog Switch CT550-2 Bendix AX1059-02
Analog Switch CT550-3 Bendix 5962-01-211-5477 AX1059-03
Analog Switch CT550-4 Bendix AX1059-04
Quantizer, Video Signal Data CT557A Litton Systems AX1096-00
Low Gain Quantizer CT558A Northrop Grumman 5865-00-323-0791 AX1124-00
Switched Power Amplifier CT560 AX1060-00
Deflective Pre-Amp CT567 AX1061-00
Video Amplifier CT569 AX1062-00
Pulse Time Multiplier CT571-1 General Electric 5962-00-146-3541 AX1063-01
Pulse Time Multiplier CT571-2 General Electric 5962-01-067-0189 AX1063-02
Pulse Time Multiplier CT571-3 General Electric 5962-01-168-7980 AX1063-03
Servo Amplifier CT572 BAE Systems 5962-00-299-2399 AX1064-00
Dual Level Detector CT573 BAE Systems 5962-01-005-2748 AX1065-00
Oscillator, High Z Amplifier CT574 General Electric 5962-00-175-2675 AX1128-00
Buffer Demodulator C-141, F-15 CT576 BAE Systems 5962-01-005-2749 AX1066-00
Caution Logic & Lamp Driver CT660 McDonnell Douglas 5962-01-067-1133
Log IF Amplifier CT725 Amecom 5996-00-294-7018 AX1127-00
IFM Quantizer CT787 Litton Systems AX1096-00
Triple Switch Driver CT789-1 Magnavox 5962-00-487-5085 AX1097-00
Quad Op Amp & Diode Network CT801 General Electric 5962-00-333-9442 AX1067-00
Indicator Driver CT829 Hazeltine 5962-00-879-6409 AX1068-00
Dual Analog Switch CT924 AX1069-00
Lamp Driver CT927 McDonnell Douglas 5962-01-067-7462 AX1070-00
Buffer Amplifier CT966 Sperry - Phoenix 5340-00-010-8217 AX1071-00
Caution Logic & Lamp Driver CT995 McDonnell Douglas 5962-01-067-1133 AX1072-00
Data Driver CT1016 Delco Electronics AX1113-00
Line Driver CT1032 AX1073-00
Analog Hybrid Microcircuit CT1068 Grumman AX1074-00
Level Converter CT1073 AX1075-00
TTL/MOS Voltage Translator CT1138 Litton AX1135-00
Sample & Hold Hybrid CT1148 IBM 5962-01-255-4422 AX1090-00
Buffered Op-Amp CT1166 AX1076-00
Microcircuit CT1196 AX1077-00
Dual Power Regulator CT1197 Westinghouse 5962-01-078-1797
Quad Regulator CT1199 Northrop Grumman 5962-01-078-9140
Input Circuit CT1211 AX1078-00
Microcircuit, Linear CT1224 IBM 5962-01-174-2056 AX1102-00
Demultiplexer Assembly CT1225 IBM 5962-01-175-9082
Switchable Filter CT1226 IBM 5962-01-174-2092 AX1121-00
Controled Gain Amplifier CT1227 IBM 5962-01-178-8159 AX1122-00
Quad Strain Gauge Amp CT1322-1 Honeywell 5962-01-125-7365 AX1079-00
Deflection receiver CT1389 IBM 5962-01-178-4359 AX1120-00
Deflection Sweep Detector CT1390-1 IBM 5962-01-178-5274 AX1080-00
High Speed Dual Clock Driver CT1417 Fairchild 5962-01-097-2661 AX1126-00
Microcircuit, Digital CT1418 Fairchild 5962-01-096-6499 AX1081-00
Pulse Generator CT1429 Astronautics 5962-01-102-5874 AX1082-00
Digital Receiver CT1430 Astronautics AX1136-00
Servo Amplifier CT1431 Astronautics 5962-01-187-6393 AX1083-00
BIT Processor Module CT1439 Bell Aerospace 5963-01-273-6550 AX1098-00
CVSD Filter CT1471 ITT
Differential Amplifier CT1480 Litton 5962-01-333-2518 AX1084-00
Deflection Amp/Driver CT1481 GEC Avonics 5962-01-194-5680 AX1085-00
Line Receiver/Driver Clock CT1510 AX1086-00
Product Oscillator CT1513 Rosemount 5962-01-202-7891 AX1131-00
Video Gain / GI Switch CT1514 LMCO 5962-01-178-4356 AX1099-00
Brightness Control/Gamma Correction CT1515 LMCO 5962-01-178-4357 AX1101-00
Sense Amplifier CT1551-1 AX1087-00
Sense Amplifier CT1551-2 Northrop Grumman 5962-01-188-3794 AX1088-00
Unbuffered 1553B RTU & Bus Controller CT1610 Texas Instrument
Dalmo Victor
5962-01-301-5914 AX1141-00
Hybrid Flasher Assy CT1665 McDonnell Douglas 5962-01-177-1357 AX1140-00
Pin Control Hybrid CT1700 General Dynamics 5962-01-217-1428 AX1112-00
Negative Voltage Linear Regulator CT1829 Westinghouse 5962-01-153-9938 AX1114-00
Dual voltage Regulator CT1833 Westinghouse 5962-01-172-6866 AX1119-00
Positive Low Drop Linear Regulator CT1840 Hughes 5962-01-298-0016 AX1094-00
Positive Low Drop Linear Regulator CT1910 Hughes 5962-01-298-0016 AX1091-00
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