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Commercial Aerospace/Commercial Aviation

Integrated <span style='color:White'>thick film</span> ceramic hybrid, multi-chip modules. <a href='http://rf2m.apitech.com/glass-microwave-integrated-circuit-gmic.html' class='marketGal'>GMIC</a> circuit fabrication technology. Aerospace products for <span style='color:White'>extreme environments</span>. Ideal packaging for <span style='color:White'>high performance electronics</span>. <span style='color:White'>AS9100, Rev C and ISO-9001:2008</span> facilities. Share your <a href='/rfq/consult.asp?sub=Aerospace%20Products%20and%20Solutions' class='marketGal'>Aerospace</a> needs with us today! API offers the latest in <a href='/amplifiers.aspx' class='marketGal'>High Frequency Amplifiers</a>! Highly integrated multi-layer <span style='color:White'>hybrid microcircuits</span>.

Global leader in innovative design, development and production of RF, microwave, millimeter wave and microelectronics for commercial aviation.

API Technologies' Aerospace Progam

API Technologies offers over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of commercial aerospace / civil aviation / commercial aviation products. Products span RF, microwave, millimeter wave, microelectronics, and electromagnetics and are designed for high reliability. Our extensive knowledge of materials and packaging enables us to design and manufacture lightweight, small footprint products to meet virtually every customer specification, be it ultra high temperature to high vibration.

API specializes in integrated thick film ceramic hybrid and multi-chip modules which provide the ideal packaging solution for high performance aerospace electronics in small physical footprints.

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Complete Product Qualifications

API offers qualified manufacturing with AS9100, Rev C and ISO-9001:2008 facilities, as well as a full-line of in-house testing services, ensuring our product complies in full to all national, international, and customer specifications.

Our manufacturing and design facilities provide competitive high-quality products, performance to schedule, and strong customer service and support. We specialize in integrated microwave solutions that optimize customer cost and performance requirements.

Superior Performance & Reliability

Our products are well known for their performance and reliability and include GMIC (Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit), thin film processing, space components and services, microwave diodes and capacitors, S-Band and X-Band Transmit/Receive Modules (TRM), multipliers, amplifiers, switches, receiver protectors, Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO), Phase Locked Oscillators (PLO), Sampling Phase Detectors (SPD), integrated microwave assemblies, and integrated microwave assemblies and subsystems.

Aerospace Capabilities

Typical applications include:
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Motor Control Systems
  • Fuel Pump Systems
  • Heads Up Displays
  • Communications Systems
  • In-flight Entertainment Systems
  • In-flight Internet
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  • Complex Microcircuits
  • High-temperature Systems

Did you know?

API's Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit (GMIC) is a novel circuit fabrication technology.

It provides many advantages of GaAs MMICs whilst retaining the desirable performance characteristics of hybrid MICs.

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