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Oil & Gas

<a href='/sealing.aspx' class='marketGal'>Hermetic</a> packaging, long operating life spans. Ongoing development in <span style='color:White'>ultra high temperature</span> ranges. Robust electronics encompassing multiple production techniques. Laser adjusted resistors printed on <span style='color:White'>ceramic substrate</span>. <span style='color:White'>Prolong the life</span> of your drilling and monitoring equipment. We specialize in applications above <span style='color:White'>200°C</span>. <a href='http://rf2m.apitech.com/oil-and-gas-products.html' class='marketGal'>High temperature</a> electronics ideal for arduous conditions. Co-package SOI and SiC devices, <span style='color:White'>single</span> cavity packages.

High Temperature Electronics Solutions for Extreme Environments

API Technologies' Oil & Gas Program

With a pedigree in the electronics industry stretching back over 60 years, API Technologies customers benefit from unparalleled engineering and industry expertise. Over the last several years, API has built on this heritage to develop proven high-temperature electronics ideally suited to the arduous conditions of the oil and gas industry. Our customers are tier one corporations in the development of down-hole drilling tools. Our highly talented engineering and production teams work hand in hand with these customers to transform an idea into a fully tested and qualified high-reliability product whilst ensuring the smallest possible footprint and a competitive price.

We provide both proprietary and custom-designed electronics for a broad range of applications and temperatures (-55°C to 225°C; specializing in applications above 200°C). We work with our customers to solve their electronics engineering challenges and reduce the total cost of ownership throughout project lifecycles.

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API has an extensive history of supplying robust, high reliability products into the Space, Aerospace and Defense markets with product capabilities meeting extensive temperature ranges:

  • Standard temperature -55°C to 150°C
  • High Temperature 150°C to 175°C
  • Extreme high temperature 175°C to 200°C
  • Ultra high temperature 200°C to 225+°C

API’s experience encompasses the ongoing development in ultra high temperature range products, specialist techniques of bare semiconductor die on thick film ceramic interconnect, and the high temperature performance and reliability issues of traditional glass fiber-based printed circuit boards (PCBs) that feature plastic encapsulated components.

Thick Film on Alumina

API screen prints multi-layer thick-film hybrid interconnects on ceramic substrates up to a size of 203 x 152 mm. Material systems include gold (wire bonding) and blends of silver and gold with platinum and palladium (solder based assemblies). Conventional screen printing is supplemented by a photo-defined process in order to achieve high-density, high-precision conductors (25um width). Diffusion Patterning is also employed to provide small diameter, high density vias in dielectric layers.

Thick film interconnect incorporates laser adjusted resistors printed directly onto the ceramic substrate. This saves space and allows the designer a choice in resistor value and extremely close tolerance matching. Thick film resistors can be designed and printed to any value by combining resistor aspect ratio (length:width) with the appropriate paste value. Resistor pastes are available in decade series typically from 10ohm/square to 1Mohm/square. Adjacent nominal values may be blended to achieve the desired 'jar value' for the layout design. The use of bare die and selected passive components bonded directly to ceramic substrates promotes reliability and improves thermal management in harsh environments.

Chip & Wire Assembly

To make the most of API's technology for high levels of integration, we co-package two or more SOI and SiC devices in a single cavity package. Die attach to the thick film interconnect is achieved either by application of a silver loaded high temperature polymeric adhesive or a high temperature solder such as gold-tin (AuSn).

Connection to the device’s I/O pads is either by thermo sonic gold wire or ultra-sonic aluminum wire ranging from 17.5 to 500 micron in diameter. API creates more than 100 million wire bonds per year using these techniques and maintains extensive data on life-time reliability.

Hermetic Packaging

For ultimate performance and reliability, hybrid packages are either hermetically sealed in dry nitrogen and low out-gassing adhesives or assembled with eutectic bonds in order to maintain high performance over long operating life spans. Both gold and aluminum wire bonding completes the circuit interconnect and package connections. Reliability is assured via established design rules, careful element (component) evaluation, 100% environmental screening and extensive process control and product qualification procedures.

Services & Technologies

Oil and Gas exploration and production

API's high temperature technology can reduce costs and downtime by prolonging the life of expensive drilling and monitoring equipment. We provide custom microelectronic solutions to reduce unnecessary and costly downtime due to the failure of short lifetime electronics within equipment encountering extremes. This includes both Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) equipment. Our product solutions are specifically designed to fit into a 1" tube to provide an ideal solution for small diameter tools operating at depth.


The production of electricity from geothermal sources naturally requires robust, high temperature electronics to withstand ambient environments. Many of the multi-chip module designs and packaging technologies developed for the Oil & Gas industry are suitable for higher temperature applications found in geothermal wells. Contact us for the latest product and technology development for application in this sector.


Plant safety and the monitoring and control of critical systems is the number one requirement for the generation of electricity from a nuclear reactor. API offers over 25 years of experience manufacturing components and systems for the space industry. We have a comprehensive set of tools for the design and manufacture of products that require over 20 years of operation without servicing or calibration. Applications where high reliability is critical to safety and survivability are ideal for API's hybrid microcircuit technology.

Renewable energy sources

API's experience with robust electronics encompasses all circuit and system production techniques. With specification of ambient environment, electrical function, and size constraints, we can assist you and your organization with the design and manufacture of a multitude of electronic products. We do everything from bearing wear sensors in wind turbines to bearing inverters in tidal generators.

Did you know?

Our team has developed a high temperature interconnect process for the design and manufacture of hybrid micro-chip modules operating continuously at 225°C. The first under-development product to be released using our ground-breaking technology is a DC-DC converter designed to fit in a 1" diameter tube. API has developed the high temperature 20 Watt module based around CISSOID’s ETNA design. Various output voltages are available in the range 2.5V to 25V from inputs up to 30V.

The technology employed in the DC-DC converter is available to realize custom designed products for specific applications. For further information, please click here.

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