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Wireless Telecom Solutions

<a href='/cavity.aspx' class='marketGal'>Cavity/combine</a> and <a href='/lumped_element.aspx' class='marketGal'>lumped element</a> designs. For Wireless Telecom Infrastructure OEMs. A leader in the <span style='color:White'>Co-site Interference</span> Mitigation Arena. Point to Point (line of sight and NLOS) Communications. Custom units for <span style='color:White'>TX and RX base station</span> applications. <span style='color:White'>RoHS and lead-free</span> compliant designs. Input and Output Multiplexing & Spectrum Clearing. <a href='/wireless_filters.aspx' class='marketGal'>Filters</a> designed for wireless telecom protocol.

State-of-the-art filter designs for the wireless telecom industry

API Technologies' Wireless Telecom

API Technologies is a leading manufacturer of filter products for the wireless telecom industry. Over the years, API has established itself as a leader in the co-site interference mitigation arena and has also been supporting the base station OEM’s and wireless service providers with a cutting edge product line since its inception.

API is now among the world leaders for state-of-the-art filter designs for the remote metering industry offering heritage and custom designs in the 400MHz and 900MHz bands. We have supplied tens of thousands of filters worldwide and continue to grow within this market through technical innovation.

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Featured Topologies

Filter topologies for our Wireless line include cavity/combline and lumped element designs. Our design heritage includes custom units designed for wireless telecom TX and RX base station applications, defense industry applications requiring ruggedized packaging with MIL STD environmental testing, and space flight applications that are screened to the highest qualification levels.

Featured areas of expertise include:

Distributed Antenna Systems Solutions

API Technologies offers a complete line of standard and user-configurable low PIM DAS products and filter assemblies for today’s growing wireless infrastructure requirements. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) have become a key element of carrier networks where allowing additional wireless coverage without the cost of expensive infrastructure is desired.

API's Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) deliver un-compromised performance with a modular design to meet the ever-increasing user demands on carriers for coverage and capacity. Our solutions have been designed to meet the most stringent PIM requirements needed in today's wireless systems, with designs achieving PIM ratings as low as -160dBc, allowing for maximum reliability in wireless network connectivity.

Customer-driven Design & Production

Customer-driven specifications make up the majority of our design and production product activity. API is capable of designing and manufacturing products from several discrete pieces up to production runs that number in the tens of thousands of filters.

API's extensive design experience, proven manufacturing techniques and strong commitment to customer satisfaction enables us to produce the highest quality and most reliable filter products possible.

Fully RoHS Compliant

Our Wireless Filter production department is fully compliant with the European Directive 2002/95/EC and the Commission Decision of 24 September 2010 (2010/571/EU). All commercial products are RoHS compliant, manufactured using lead-free solder, unless the customer purchase order specifically prohibits the use of lead-free solder.


  • Co-location Solutions
  • Wireless Site Development
  • Input Multiplexing
  • Output Multiplexing
  • Spectrum Clearing
  • Co-location Site Interference Mitigation
  • Communication Uplink / Downlink Systems
  • Point to Point (line of sight and NLOS) Communications
  • Broadband Networks

Featured Product Capabilities

  • Duplexers/Diplexers, Triplexers, Multiplexers
  • Integrated Filter Assemblies
  • Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass, Bandreject
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Wireless Assemblies
  • Couplers, Power Dividers, Combiners
  • Reciever Multi-Couplers
  • Lumped Element, Suspended Substrate, Waveguide, Surface Acoustic Wave
  • PIN Diode Switch Filters


  • Wireless Service Providers
  • Wireless Telecom Infrastructure OEMs
  • Broadcast
  • Communication Uplink Systems
  • Point to Point (line of sight) Communications
  • In-Building Wireless Networks

Did you know?

Our CMD719 filter was featured in Wireless Design and Development's web-based interview show, No Strings Attached, hosted by Janine E. Mooney.

microwave applications

This band reject filter is designed to eliminate Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) interference of Electronic News Gathering Receive Only (ENG-RO) sites.

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Band Reject Filters

Part Number



Rejection dB min

Insertion Loss
(dB max)

Return Loss
(dB Min)

CMA806 2030 to 2109.5
2450 to 2500
60 @ 2110.6 to 2121.5 2.20
CMN613 764 to 813
851 to 858
40 @ 816 to 817
40 @ 861 to 862
2.0 15
CMN633 764 to 796
810.4 to 822.4
855.4 to 867.4
40 @ 806.25 to 807.25
40 @ 851.25 to 852.25
2.0 15
CMN686 773 to 775
803 to 869
40 @ 769 to 770
40 @ 799 to 800
1.5 15
CMN719 2030 to 2109.5 60 @ 2110.6 to 2121.5 1.6 16
CMN768 2030 to 2109.5 60 @ 2110.6 to 2121.5 1.6 16
CMD642 880.02 to 893.97 50 @ 894.125 to 895.50 3.5 18


Part Number


Receive Passband

Transmit Passband

Tx-Rx Separation

(dB Min)

(dB Max)

Return Loss

CMD106 890 to 915 935 to 960 45 90 1.0 18
CMD112 1850 to 1910 1930 to 1990 80 95 1.0 18
CMD125 1710 to 1785 1805 to 1880 95 90 1.0 18

Interference Mitigation Filters

Part Number


Passband 1

Passband 2


Insertion Loss
(dB max)

Return Loss
(dB min)


Insertion Loss
(dB max)

Return Loss
(dB min)

CMD860 2030 to 2109.5 2.20 15 2450 to 2500 0.3 18