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Planar Arrays & Integrated Antenna Assemblies

API Technologies is capable of designing & manufacturing custom integrated antenna assemblies including high-gain arrays for various satcom, commercial and military applications. We offer both standard and custom assemblies.

Our custom assemblies can be build-to-print (your design) or we will design an assembly to meet your unique requirements.

Antenna Products and Solutions:

Antenna Assemblies Available in Partial or Plug-n-Play

Frequency Ranges from 150 MHz to 12 GHz

Meets Inmarsat Class II Type Requirements, Circular Polarization, Low VSWR

High-Gain Arrays for your Unique Application

Custom Patch Antenna Assemblies for Multiple Applications. Integrated Filtering/LNA

Antenna Assemblies with Integrated LNAs/Filtering

Custom & Standard Structures/Assemblies for Various Asset Tracking Applications

Various Antenna Assemblies for
Asset Tracking Solutions

Rugged Antenna Structures for Animal Tracking

Rugged Antenna Structures for Animal Tracking

RFID Tag for Down-hole Drilling Applications

RFID Tag for Down-hole Drilling Applications

Ideal for Military Applications – Soldier Wearable Antennas

Wearable Antennas for Secure
Military Communications

L-Band Transmit and Receive Planar Array Antenna

API Technologies' antennas offer polarization for point-to-point, transceivers, satellite communications, and RF transmitters and receivers, and feature high gain, wide bandwidth and low return loss.

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Features & Specifications

  • High Gain (Typical 14 dB)
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Linear Polarization
  • Low Return Loss (VSWR)
  • Application Specific Custom Designs

GPS Solutions

API Technologies designs and manufactures custom integrated antenna assemblies for your unique applications including GPS, Globalstar, Iridium, ISM, Inmarsat and RFID.

Our Pre-filtered GPS LNA with antenna solution features a dual patch antenna assembly which provides coverage for GPS L1/L2 and OmniSTAR, measures 0.4” tall and weighs only 2.4 oz.

Other custom integrated antenna assembly capabilities include soldier wearable antennas, low observable antennas, arrays and RFID tag for down hole (oil & gas drilling).

Features & Specifications

  • Dual-band antenna assemblies provide coverage for L1, L2, L5 and Omni Star
  • Filtered LNA Assemblies Available
  • Vertically Integrated