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High Power Amplifier Subsystems

Power Amplifier Subsystems & Power Amplifier Integrated Assemblies

Experts at vertical integration, API is a leading manufacturer of power amplifier subsystems and integrated amplifier assemblies incorporating multi-band amplifiers, switched harmonic filter banks and high efficiency DC converters with integrated adaptive biasing controls to ensure high reliability.

Wide bandwidth and high efficiency are not the only features offered in our full line of high power amplifiers. Utilizing both in-house chip and wire (hybrid), thin film, and SMT technology, our power amplifiers draw from a wide range of leading edge semiconductors. Amplifiers are offered in class ‘A,’ ‘AB,’ linear, and ‘C’ designs in operating frequencies up to 26 GHz with output levels from 500mW to 1 kW.

High Power Amplifier Assemblies

Power Amplifier Capabilities & Applications

High Power Amplifier Integration

power amplifier

At API Technologies, our high performance power amplifier solutions are designed with strict attention to efficiency and reliability. Several standard options are available as well as custom solutions designed for customer specifications. Our engineers are experts in multiple discipline integration, including power amplifier designs with integrated switches, filters and splitters.

API's power amplifiers feature a unique void-free, low thermal resistance die attach process ensuring exceptional reliability and stability for critical military and commercial applications.

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Broad Range of Technologies and Designs
  • API's power amplifiers are manufactured utilizing in-house thin and thick film technology as well as conventional PC board designs.
  • In-house chip and wire (hybrid) and SMT manufacturing.
Linear & Non-linear Simulations
  • We utilize advanced RF & Microwave linear and non-linear simulation for rapid prototyping and a reduced design cycle.
  • Our Push-Pull Design Techniques, coupled with transistors that have been selected for high linearity characteristics, enable API Engineers to achieve this incredible performance including IP2 values of +120 dBm.
Built-in Monitoring
  • Dual band power conditioning and control with field downloadable firmware to support active reconfiguration with built-in monitoring.
  • API Technologies achieves guaranteed ultra-low phase noise performance in its amplifiers using a combination of design techniques, material selection, and in-house testing.
Thermal Simulation
  • API utilizes state-of-the-art thermal simulation and scanning tools when designing high power amplifiers.
Power Amplifier Integration
  • Rack-Mount Power Amplifier Assemblies
  • Integrated Power Amplifier / Splitters
  • Integrated Power Amplifier / Filters
  • Integrated Power Amplifier / Switches
  • PA Modules with Integrated PSU
Power Amplifier Applications
  • Broadband Jamming
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Pulsed Radar
  • Military Communications
  • Transmitters
  • Digital Control
  • Satellite Links
  • Test Equipment