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Single Channel Rotary Joints with N Connectors | Product Announcement

Coaxial In-Line, Type “N”, Male and Female (305 & 344 Series)

Single Channel Rotary Joints

From the heritage of Sage Laboratories and Spectrum Microwave, API Technologies offers a full line of single channel rotary joints with N connectors. The 305 and 344 series rotary joints are designed for military and commercial markets and applications such as mobile satellite communication systems, radar systems including civil air traffic control and weather radars. These ultra reliable rotary joints are ideal for high speed operation and can be used up to 500 RPM (305 Series), or 1500 RPM (344 Series). API’s line of rotary joints has been designed to MIL-E-5400 Class II.

API’s 305 and 344 series rotary joints come standard with male and female N connectors, frequency coverage from DC - 12.4, and peak power at 10kW. API offers a line of standard catalog parts as well as custom options including a variety of connector types, orientation, mounting configurations, frequency optimization, testing requirements, and more. Contact API Technologies at MicrowaveSales@apitech.com or visit the website for more information about our standard and custom rotary joints Here.

Technical Specifications:
  • Average Power: 500 watts at 1 GHz
  • Peak Power: 10 kW
  • Designed for MIL-E-5400 Class 2
  • TYPE “N” Connectors
  • High Reliability

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